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At St Michael and All Angels, our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is delivered by highly skilled practitioners who are creative, reflective and have the highest expectations for all children. We provide a happy, nurturing and supportive environment founded on the principles of the Christian faith; helping to develop children’s spiritual growth and moral understanding as well as their academic development.

Our team in Reception all have an excellent understanding of early childhood pedagogy and are constantly developing their knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure that we are laying the foundations for future learning to build upon. Our aim is for children to work together to do their best, whilst we listen, love and learn through Christ.

The learning environment at St Michael and All Angels plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our children experience a calm, home-from-home environment to explore their curiosities which build upon the children’s prior learning and home experiences.

Our children and staff build positive relationships through a key-person system, this ensures that the children feel safe, happy and valued. The staff work alongside parents and carers to ensure that children are challenged and develop a natural curiosity about the World around them. 

Our curriculum is based on the prime areas of learning with an emphasis on communication and language, high-quality texts and questioning, reflecting the needs of our children. Children’s interests are incorporated into all areas of provision, to allow them to explore their own learning and fascinations, whilst sitting alongside the planned curriculum design and faith values of the school.  You will see child-led learning whereby practitioners move learning on through in-the-moment scaffolding and nurture, ensuring that all children thrive. This consistent approach throughout our EYFS has ensured that our children develop a thirst for learning that continues as they progress through school.

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