The School Day

Children pray regularly during the school day. All classes start the day with our morning prayer. They say Grace before lunch and an end of day prayer. We regularly say our school prayer and the Lord's prayer.

Our School Prayer:

Bless our School O Lord,

Help us to make it a happy and peaceful place for everyone,

Help us to make it a school full of love,

Love of one another,

Love of life and love of God.

Let us remember that as we live, work, learn and grow together,

You are with us in all we do.


In Classrooms

Each classroom has a prayer space or ‘reflection area’ to enable children to explore faith and spirituality.

Around the School

We also have a recently dedicated prayer tree located in our entrance hall where pupils, parents, staff and visitors alike can write a prayer. We also have a prayer garden for use in class worship and personal worship time by staff, families and children. We have lot's of displays around school to encourage personal reflection.