Hope in Sri Lanka

Ms Richardson is a trustee of the Christian charity, "Hope in Sri Lanka."

Hope in Sri Lanka is a charity set up by Pam and Keith Pollen to bring emotional support to trauma affected children and families. The work was initiated in response to the Tsunami in December 2004 Hope in Sri Lanka supports orphanages, neglected, abandoned and orphaned children in Sri Lanka. - They rely entirely on donations to provide help in housing, feeding and caring for children and care mothers. At the moment, the charity is working closely with one orphanage just south of the capital of Colombo with approximately 100 children, many who have been abused over a number of years by family members.

At St Michaels we donated money to ensure these children had Christmas presents. The children received a new outfit, some toiletries and a small toy. They were extremely grateful as it was the first time many had received a Christmas present. 

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